Intramural Sports are a great way to have some fun, meet new people, burn off carloires and add to your wardrobe, if you have what it takes, by earning a championship t-shirt! The Campus Recreation Office offers a variety of sports throughtout the academic year ranging from full out seasons to single or double elimination tournaments. Intramurals are free for all students, faculty and staff, with something for everyone to sink their teeth into. Take a look and see how many things you're gonna sign up for!

Fantasy Football Volleyball 3v3 Basketball
5v5 Basketball Kickball Badminton
Floor Hockey Dodgeball Ultimate Frisbee
Esports Soccer Flag Football

We are always looking for new things to add to our lineup. Last year, students asked for Floor Hockey and we delivered. This year we will be adding Fantasy Football along with more Esports like Madden and NBA2K. What do you want to play?

How Can I Get In On All the Action?

Head on over to our IMLeagues website where you will find schedules, scores, updates, standing and much more by clicking on the logo below.

Complete instructions on how to create an account and sign up for a team are below. Once you create an account, download the app on your cell phone to make things even easier!

Create an IMLeagues account:
1. Go to IMLeagues (click the logo above) and click Create Account
2. Enter your information, and use your Washington College email ( and submit
3. You will be sent an activation email, click the link in the email to login and activate your IMLeagues account
Sign up for an Intramural Sport:
1. Login to your account
2. Click the Register Button at the top right of your screen
3. Decide if you would like to Create a Team (Team Captain) or Join a Team (Player)
4. Create a Team
  • Select the Sport (ex. Soccer) and League (ex. Men’s) that you want to participate in
  • Click the orange Create a Team button
  • Complete the registration form, leave auto accept members box unchecked
  • Fill out your time preference form, green check means available and red X means unavailable
  • Invite players to join your team via email or player lookup
5. Join a Team
  • Select the Sport (ex. Soccer) and League (ex. Co-Rec) that you want to participate in
  • Find the team that you want to join
  • Click the orange Join button next to that team
  • An email will be sent to the Captain to approve your request
  • Once the Captain has approved your request, you will be added to the roster


Please contact Steve Kaneshiki, Coordinator of Campus Recreation, by email at, or by phone at (410) 810-8307. We look forward to helping you!