Washington College Rowing Teams "Can" Hunger

CHESTERTOWN, MD -- The Washington College men's and women's rowing teams joined together to enter the "Let's Can Hunger" effort, sponsored by the school's Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Club. The rowers donated more canned goods than any other organization at the school with 300 pounds of food. The donated items were given to a local food pantry.

"We feel that student organizations should reach out to the Kent County community more," said junior Jeff Nutting (Catonsville, MD/Mount St. Joseph), a captain and coxswain of the men's team.  "In a small town like this, we think it is the duty of the students, especially in large organizations such as sports teams, to give back to the community that we live in.  It is the beauty of being part of a Division III program.  We get the chance to really interact with the community."

Nutting stressed that, as a college in a small community, student efforts can have a big impact.

"Although the majority of students are not from Kent County, we do spend over three-quarters of our year here, so it is our home.  It's hard to believe the impact the students actually have on this town."

The effort of the rowing teams no doubt show the difference even a small group of students can make. Nutting hopes this will encourage more students to take part in giving back to the community.

"If a program, only 40 athletes large, can raise 300 pounds of cans, imagine the impact 1,300 students could have made.  It is easy to get wrapped up in the whole college experience and live too fast. This opportunity gave us all a sense of reality and taught us to really enjoy the simple things in life; not everyone is as fortunate as we are."