Want the lowdown on Washington College Athletics lingo? Read Gus's Glossary and submit a suggestion!

Who is Gus? 
Gus, full name Augustus, is the Official Spokesgoose of Washington College and a direct descendant of a goose who befriended George Washington.  He loves all things Washington College from sporting events to theatre performances, from Birthday Ball to Commencement, from the Literary House to the waterfront. His unique colors (for a goose, anyway) make him fit right in! Gus even loves May Day when he can leave his coat and sash at home. 

Does Gus talk?
Have YOU ever met a talking goose? Of course Gus doesn't talk, but he loves to type! "Like" him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter - @GusTheMascot.

I'm having a campus event and want to invite Gus.  Will he be able to join us?
Gus loves being invited to things, but he has a very busy schedule. Please contact his "personal assistant," Scott Wisniewski, at with the date, time, and location of your event, to check his availability.

I heard there's a fee.  Why does it cost money to have Gus at my event?
Gus is kind of a high-maintenance goose.  His grooming can be complicated and, due to his popularity, he has to travel with a sidekick to help ward off the paparazzi. Plus, a goose has to make a living, right?

Is Gus available for appearances at non-Washington College events?
Yes! Please contact his "personal assistant," Scott Wisniewski, at with the date, time, and location of your event. 

Does this mean we are the Washington College Geese now?
No way! Gus is a true-maroon Shoreman! Our athletic teams' nicknames are still Shoremen and Shorewomen. A mascot and nickname are not always one and the same. In fact, having them be distinct is quite common; just ask the kangaroo who supports the University of Akron Zips, or Sebastian the Ibis and his Miami Hurricanes. When is the last time you saw a gorilla in Phoenix, other than the one who roots for the Suns?