Major Departmental Award Winners

Senior Athletic Award
Given annually to the male student and the female student who, in the opinion of the department, achieved the most in athletics at Washington College.

1961: Ann Crouse
1962: Florence de L. Nash
1963: Nancy Ellen Matthews
1964: Patricia Godbolt
1967: Linda B. Shipway
1968: Mary Sue Blevins and Karen A. Johnson
1969: Deborah Green
1970: Becky Hainsworth
1971: Carol Olsen Ellyson and Marc All Svec
1972: Frank Ogens and Sandra Pelkey
1973: Carolyn L. Emory and Louis Young
1974: Carolyn L. Emory and Greg Lane
1975: Paul Gianquinto, Bryan Matthews and Lucinda Stude
1976: Pamela Sheree Davis and William Williams
1977: John Cheek and Melinda Rath
1978: Gorton P. Lindsay and Cynthia Ann Patchen
1979: Jennifer Ann Butler and Joseph Wilson
1980: Jacob Haller and Amanda R. Scherer
1981: Molly A. Meehan and Ben Tuckerman
1982: Paul Hooper, Cheryl A. Loss, Ann C. Most and Joseph Moye
1983: Laura Chase, Carl Fornoff, Richard B. Grieves and Jeffrey J. Kauffman
1984: Ronald Lauricella, Karen Perkinson and Scott Spurrier
1985: Vince Gasior, Polly Goode, Eleanor T. Horine and Ricky Sowell
1986: Kurt Keller, John Nostrant and Tammy Tiehel
1987: Alejandro Hernandez and Pamela Loughman
1988: Thomas Auvil, Larry Gewer and Elizabeth Whelan
1989: Linda Anders and Andy Bauer
1990: Larry Gewer, Tim Hormes, Tim Keehan, Bob Martino, Sharon Orser and Carole Reece
1991: Scott Read, Dave Slomkowski, Donna White
1992: Kasey Carroll, Kristy Hilgartner, Laura McClellan, John Morrall and Tracy Peel
1993: Eleanor Shriver and Darren Vican
1994: Chris Cote and Renee Gluckert
1995: Dave Cola and Beverly Diaz
1996: Brian Rush and Jill Schultz
1997: Mark Awantang, Elizabeth Barlow, Andrew King and Eboni Taylor
1998: Andy Taibl and Tara McKee
1999: Justin McCarthy and Mandy Pare
2000: Maggy Kilroy, April Podolinsky and Dennis Ryan
2001: Bart Prytula and Toby Wilmet
2002: Jon Fellows and Jamie Thompson
2003: Pamela Vasquez and Jeremy Shannon
2004: Stephen Berger, Ne'ko Browder, Margaret Klag and Peter Taylor
2005: Kyle Mitten and Laura Scimeca
2006: Diane Green, Tim Kerr and Kevin Thibadeau
2007: Jon Kenney, Ally Simons and Arturo Solis
2008: Megan Morse, Katherine O'Brien and Chris Read
2009: Gordon Cohen and Suzie Jakub
2010: Conner Blouin, Kathy Gerhart and Elena Nicholoff
2011: Adam Cranford and Rachel Glasser
2012: Kevin Breslin, Jordan Finnegan and Ryan Normoyle
2013: Bennett Cord and Kristen Wille
2014: Lauren Dockrill, Kylie Nottingham and Hunter Nowicki
2015: Mickey Fili, Emily Hubley, Greg Lee and Michael Trapp
2016: Bryan Baquer, Ryan Miranda and April Weaver
2017: Jackie Creitz and Pat Elliott
2018: Taylor Harcum and Tim Hickey
2019: Casey Grieves and Madison Schutz
2020: Olivia Robb and Ryan Zwier

Goose Nation Award (Formerly Sho'men Club Award - 2004-17)
Given annually to the senior male student and the senior female student who, in the opinion of the department, by cooperation, loyalty, sportsmanship, spirit, and industry, contributed the most to the development of athletics at Washington College.

2004: Alex Kuhn, Allison LaMarca and Kelly McGlynn
2005: Shawn Hampt and Laura Scimeca
2006: Tim Kerr and Colleen McLoughlin
2007: Andrew Bright and Kristin Ward
2008: Elise Conway and Sean Rapelyea
2009: Emily Adams and Jimm Bannar
2010: Matt Hamm and Kelsey Kemp
2011: Dylan Bernstein and Katelyn Malchester
2012: Emily Broomell and Chris Phipps
2013: Tyler Cotterell and Erin Lewns
2014: Steph Harryman and Joel Novick
2015: Brian Alexa, Meredith Andrews and Jackie O'Connell
2016: DJ Bradshaw and Rachel Kurtz
2017: Derek Stiles and Audrey Utchen
2018: Maija Adourian and Andrew Chirico
2019: Sabrina Jenkins and Josh Samuels
2020: Caitlyn Clark and Alec Lewis

The Eldridge Eliason Award
The senior male student and female student who, with scholastic standing in the upper half of the class, has accomplished the most in the field of athletics.
1958: Joseph Seivold
1959: Robert Bragg
1960: Norman Phillips
1961: Charles Woolston
1962: Mareen Duvall
1965: Thomas J. Finnegan
1966: Alan Eisel
1967: Marty Smith
1969: Steve Clagett
1973: Robert Maskrey and Norberto Viamonte
1975: Donald H. Green
1977: Paul Noto and Keith Twitchell
1978: Michael A. Brown, Dana Chatellier and P. Arthur Hoyt
1979: Joseph Wilson
1981: Court Treuth
1982: Vincent Filliben
1983: William Bounds and Carl Fornoff
1984: Daniel Bakley, Patrick Jones, Ronald Lauricella and Wayne Spurrier
1985: Robert Fornoff
1986: Victor DeSantis, Paul Eichler, Kurt Keller and Dave Repko
1987: Lawrence Brandt
1988: David Marshall
1989: Matt Wilson
1990: Peter Maller and Beth Matthews
1991: Erin O'Neal and Scott Read
1992: Andy Bohutinsky and Kasey Carroll
1993: Alberto Diaz, Mike Hanifee and Marie Mohler
1994: Renee Guckert, Doug Peterson and Keith Whiteford
1995: Robin Sander and Jill Schultz
1996: Jen Hanifee and Andrew King
1997: Anabel Flores and Damian Polla
1998: Bradd Burkhart and Sarah Sobon
1999: Tomas Lejarraga and Krista Northup
2000: Christyl Arrabal and Scott Smizik
2001: Katie Bierzonski and Ryan Staszak
2002: Allyson Britton and Jose Lejarraga
2003: Megan Daily, Anna Germain and Jeremy Shannon
2004: Margaret Klag, Peter Taylor and Richard Yost
2005: Jim Barossi and Jennifer Bockmiller
2006: Erin Peyton and Jonathan Webb
2007: Joey Breslin and Amy Uebel
2008: Allison Daciek and Alex Thomas
2009: Jimmy Kielek, Brittany Lambert, Jenna Lapointe and Brian Schultz
2010: Matt Boucher and Jane O'Donnell
2011: Sarah Cannon and Matt Violette
2012: John Rolewicz and Meghan Tait
2013: Parker McIntosh and Corinne Ziccardi
2014: Casey McKnight and Elli Miskiel
2015: Kristin Cooper and Scott Matthews
2016: Kristin Lee and Lucas Morgan
2017: Elizabeth Davis and Dmitri Kaliakin
2018: Jenni Clune and Cody Weiler
2019: Arianna Sabatino and Kevin Wilson
2020: Dallas Marshall and Erika Reynolds

The Thomas Reeder Spedden Award
Presented to one or more senior student-athletes for academic standing and outstanding achievement in athletics.

1958: Robert Bragg
1959: Richard Callahan
1960: Norman Phillips
1961: Mareen Duvall
1962: Roland Larrimore
1963: Theodore Parker
1964: Thomas J. Finnegan
1965: Thomas J. Finnegan
1966: John Sloan
1967: James Chalfant
1968: Alan Perry
1969: George Buckless
1970: Barry Drew
1971: Frank Ogens
1972: Mark Sinkinson
1973: Robert Shriver
1974: Paul Brown
1975: Taylor Cook
1976: William Williams
1977: John Cheek
1978: Dave H. Beatty
1979: Timothy Hart
1980: Daniel F. Hudson
1981: Vincent Filliben
1982: Peter Jenkins
1983: Carl Fornoff
1984: Ronald Lauricella
1985: Daniel Brumsted
1986: Kurt Keller
1987: Claudio Gonzales
1988: Mathew Wilson
1989: Larry Gewer
1990: Tim Keehan
1991: Andy Bohutinsky
1992: Vince Sanudo
1993: Greg Lawler
1994: Dave Cola
1995: Chris Freisheim
1996: Damian Polla
1997: Damian Polla
1998: Chris McGlone and Angel Prado
1999: Travis Beauchamp
2000: JD Radebaugh
2001: Greg Adams
2002: Brianne Brynelson, Jose Lejarraga and Seth Morgan
2003: Stacy Sines and Peter Taylor
2004: Sara Beegle, Michael Dyal and Janet Studdiford
2005: Lindsey Eichner and Ryan Miller
2006: Carl Horrocks and Ally Simons
2007: Mike DeBartolome and Katherine O'Brien
2008: Brian Danver and Lindsay Fox
2009: Tim Kohlrus and Amy Spadanuta
2010: Andrew Chambers, Ericka Malow and Dylan Pollock
2011: Kevin Breslin, Leigh Carbutt and Brittany Palasik
2012: Shane Mattingly, Peter Stewart and Emily Trees
2013: Sean Connole and Mollie Shipley
2014: Carly Eisenbrandt and Greg Lee
2015: Kelly Bird and Austin Yocum
2016: Pat Elliott and Clare Hofstedt
2017: Kevin Mackenzie and Katherine Vincent
2018: Julie Lazer and P.J. Mikulus
2019: Cecily Docktor and Julia Portmann
2020: Austin Allen and Lauren Brenner

The Elizabeth "Bo" Blanchard Memorial Sportsmanship Award
The junior female and male athlete who best exemplifies the qualities of enthusiasm, dedication, and sportsmanship characteristic of "Bo."

1981: Julie Seward
1982: Virginia S. White
1983: Catherine A. Hoffman
1984: Amy E. Farmer and Laura A. Pierson
1985: Tamara A. Tiehel
1986: Florence L. Stewart
1987: Kimberly A. Madigan and Elizabeth Whelan
1988: Elizabeth W. Matthews
1989: Sharon Orser and Carole Reece
1990: Donna White
1991: Tracy Peel
1992: Marie Mohler and Eleanor Shriver
1993: Jennifer Green
1994: Beverly Diaz
1995: Denise Hakanson
1996: Allison Wentworth
1997: Tara McKee
1998: Krista Northup
1999: Liz Tessier
2000: Toby Wilmet
2001: Katie Wilwol
2002: Jeremy Shannon and Betty Weller
2003: Alex Kuhn, Katie Orga and Peter Taylor
2004: Buck Howanski and Liz Smith
2005: Lauren Ford and Tim Kerr
2006: Andrew Bright and Chelsea Prior
2007: Elise Conway and Eddie Raleigh
2008: Todd Green and Rebecca Lee
2009: Kathy Gerhart and Dylan Pollock
2010: Rachel Glasser and Duncan Leech
2011: Emily Broomell, John Rolewicz and Meghan Tait
2012: Jenny Lee and Parker McIntosh
2013: Carly Eisenbrandt, Ellie Miskiel and Joel Novick
2014: Sean Flanigan and Emily Hubley
2015: Ryan Miranda and Jordan Mitchell
2016: Zee Ali and Maddie Morrissette
2017: Tim Hickey and Liza Slavin
2018: Morgan Domanico and Alex Kincaid
2019: Jessie Willey and Brook Yimer
2020: Kailyn Brandt and Chris Del Rosario

The Doris T. Bell '50 Award
The senior female with the highest cumulative average who has won a varsity letter during the year.

1981: Molly A. Meehan
1982: Kathleen A. Kraus
1983: Laura T. Chase
1984: Karen Perkinson
1985: Laura A. Pierson
1986: Susan L. Niemyer
1987: Margaret Virkus
1988: Susan Odenath
1989: Sandra Coulter
1990: Anne Marie Urban
1991: Jill Reppert
1992: Rachael Rice
1993: Miriam Jecelin
1994: Maria Jerardi
1995: Lisa Brown
1996: Jill Schultz
1997: Allison Wentworth
1998: Jennifer Sands
1999: Tammy Seip
2000: Christyl Arrabal
2001: Lanae Arnold
2002: Brianne Brynelson
2003: Mary McAuliffe
2004: Gina Ralston
2005: Jennifer Bockmiller
2006: Laura Mozzer
2007: Lindsey Riley
2008: Tonie Domino
2009: Chelsea Crum
2010: Kelli Canada
2011: Becca Nicely
2012: Ann Eickelberg
2013: Jenny Lee
2014: Emily Hoyle
2015: Taira Sullivan
2016: Bailey Howard
2017: Anna Inserra
2018: Rachel Martinez
2019: Julia Portmann
2020: Jessie Willey

The Alfred Reddish Award
The senior male with the highest cumulative average who has won a varsity letter during the year.

1958: Arnold Stern
1959: B. Duncan Adams
1960: David Leonard
1961: Steve Levin
1962: Ronald E. Smith
1963: Ronald Braddock
1964: Ronald Braddock
1966: Michael Henehan
1967: Michael Henehan
1968: Elwood Snyder
1969: Mark Brumbaugh
1970: Stephen Ellyson
1971: Chris Rogers
1972: Robert Maskrey
1973: Donald H. Green
1974: Paul Brown
1975: Donald H. Green
1976: James R. Bowerman
1977: David H. La Motte
1978: Dana S. Chatellier
1979: Matthew Wagner
1980: William C. Anderson
1981: Dave Bate
1982: Mark Squillante
1983: William Bounds
1984: Joseph Stallings
1985: Robert Fornoff
1986: Richard Gentry
1987: Kevin Lauricella
1988: Scott Beeler
1989: Chad Bentley
1990: Peter Maller
1991: Jim Lim
1992: Darryl Calloway
1993: Charles Linehan
1994: Jason Kraus
1995: Harrison Gallagher
1996: Matt Distler
1997: Damian Polla
1998: Carl Nordberg
1999: Gustavo Vicentini
2000: Justin Holler
2001: Bart Prytula
2002: Ryan Plews
2003: Matt Wolfe
2004: John Paul Evans
2005: Jimmy Pope
2006: Drew Hill
2007: Jordan Lange
2008: Wes Schantz
2009: Todd Green
2010: Conner Blouin
2011: Michael Zaborskiy
2012: James Hetzel
2013: Tim Marcin
2014: Joel Novick
2015: Adam Smith
2016: Sean Haynie
2017: Jason Mercando
2018: Debashish Goenka
2019: Pat O'Neal
2020: Sean Garin

The Competitors Challenge Award
Recognizes an Athletic Team at Washington College who, in the opinion of the athletic department, has provided passion and purpose to a philanthropic organization through their commitment of support, time and actions.

2016: Men's and Women's Swimming - For ongoing swim lessons with Special Olympics athletes
2017: Sailing - Participation in Polar Bear Plunge to benefit Special Olympics Maryland
2018: Men's Basketball Team - Garnet Elementary School Lunch Buddies Program
2019: Men's Basketball Team - Various Philanthropic Efforts
2020: Men's Basketball Team - Various Philanthropic Efforts

Iron Goose Award
Given to the senior male and senior female student-athlete who, in the opinion of the Sports Performance staff, by cooperation, dedication, enthusiasm and leadership achieved the most in their four years of performance development at Washington College.

2018: Graham Hulsey and Allyson Meil
2019: Luke D'Ostilio and Clare Ingersoll
2020: Sean Garin and Dylan Nepert