Shoremen Finish Second at MARCs, Leekley Named Coach of the Year

Shoremen Finish Second at MARCs, Leekley Named Coach of the Year

Shoremen Garner All-Conference & Academic All-Conference Honors

LEWISBERRY, Pa. — The Washington College men's rowing team finished second in the overall men's team standings at at Mid-Atlantic Rowing Conference Championships today on Pinchot Lake in Lewisberry, Pa. Following the regatta, the annual MARC awards were presented. Head coach John Leekley was named the MARC's Men's Coach of the Year to highlight the Shoremen's award winners.

Mid-Atlantic Rowing Conference Championships

How It Happened
- The Shoremen's first varsity eight won its heat in 6:00.8 to advance to the grand final. Bucknell was second in the heat in 6:02.68, Penn State third in 6:08.21, Loyola fourth in 6:11.36, St. Mary's fifth in 6:23.68, and Susquehanna sixth in 7:01.11. In the grand final, the Shoremen were third in 6:00.23. Bucknell won the grand final in 5:55.9, Marietta was second in 5:57.7, George Mason fourth in 6:07.26, Penn State fifth in 6:13.76, and Mary Washington sixth in 6:15.48.
- The Shoremen's second varsity eight won its heat in 6:24.91 to advance to the final. George Mason was second in the heat in 6:30.50, Maryland third in 6:36.58, and Mary Washington in fourth in 6:43.84. The second varsity eight was second in the final in 6:23.61. Bucknell won the final in 6:10.7, George Mason was third in 6:26.46, Penn State fourth in 6:29.52, Maryland fifth in 6:35.76, and Franklin & Marshall sixth in 6:44.86.
- Washington's novice four placed third in its heat in 7:54.66 to advance to its final. Bucknell won the heat in 7:15.54, Haverford was second in 7:30.44, TCNJ fourth in 8:22.63, and Loyola fifth in 8:25.38. The novices were then sixth in their final in 7:46.29. Bucknell won the final in 6:59.7, Lafayette was second in 7:00.26, Penn State third in 7:25.04, Haverford fourth in 7:27.85, and Maryland fifth in 7:42.2.
- The Shoremen's varsity four was third in its heat in 7:27.73. Loyola "A" won the heat in 6:53.2, Maryland "A" was second in 7:21.17, Susquehanna fourth in 7:30.99, and Rutgers-Camden fifth in 7:39.48.  

Conference Awards
- This marks the sixth time in the conference's eight-year history and second year in a row that Leekley has been named its Men's Coach of the Year.
- Ryan Miranda and John Gould were named to the All-MARC Varsity Team, while Matt Dimond was named to the All-MARC Novice Team. It was MIranda's third consecutive All-MARC Varsity honor and fourth All-MARC award overall. (He was named to the Novice Team as a freshman.)
- Alex Blue, Sean Haynie, and Max Van Hoven were named to the Academic All-MARC Team, open to sophomores and above with cumulative grade-point averages of at least 3.5 through the fall semester. This is the third time Haynie has qualified for the distinction and the second time Van Hoven has.

Shoremen Boat Line-Ups
- Varsity Eight: Gould (coxswain), Zee Ali (stroke), Joe Stockburger (seven), Chris Eggstein (six), Miranda (five), Ian Briggs (four), Samson Ramasamy (three), Haynie (two), Mark Boissonneault (bow)
- Second Varsity Eight: Alex Kincaid (coxswain), Daniel Benton (stroke), Dimond (seven), John Bruno (six), T. Ian Flinn (five), Teddy Connell (four), Jeffrey Wrobel (three), Brett Van Hoven (two), Nate Bonsib (bow)

- Varsity Four: Richie Torres (coxswain), Ethan LaLumia (stroke), Ethan Grugan (three), Cody Bistline (two), Lee Potter (bow)
- Novice Four: Jacob Yallof (coxswain), Andrew Walters (stroke), Jack Despeaux (three), Tyler Buchanan (two), Chuck Marchesani (bow)

- Bucknell won the MARC Championship with 114 points. The Shoremen finished with 89, George Mason 82, Penn State 79, Marietta 72, Mary Washington 42, Loyola 37, Maryland 26, Franklin & Marshall 23, Lafayette 16, The College of New Jersey 10, and Scranton three.
- Points were awarded in the first varsity eight, second varsity eight, varsity four and novice/third varsity eight, with the events weighted in that order. For the first time, non-MARC member schools were eligible to compete for the men's conference championship.

Up Next for the Shoremen
5/8 @ National Invitational Rowing Championships (at Worcester, Mass.)