Shoremen Eights Place Sixth in Petite Finals at NIRC

Shoremen Eights Place Sixth in Petite Finals at NIRC

WORCESTER, Mass. — Both the first and second varsity eights of the Washington College men's rowing teams finished sixth in their respective petite finals today at the National Invitational Rowing Championships on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, Mass. The regatta featured some of the top men's crews from around the country.

National Invitational Rowing Championships

How It Happened
- The Shoremen's first varsity eight finished third in its six-boat heat in 6:42.847 to advance to the petite final. Michigan won the heat in 6:34.984, Wesleyan was second in 6:38.678, Bucknell fourth in 6:46.847, New Hampshire fifth in 6:47.227, Marist sixth in 6:50.298, and Skidmore seventh in 7:09.534. 
- The first varsity eight was then sixth in the petite final in 6:37.60 in a race where the difference between first and sixth was a little over five seconds. Trinity won the race in 6:32.113, Boston College was second in 6:34.401, Bucknell third in 6:34.751, RIT fourth in 6:35.581, and Ithaca fifth in 6:36.601.
- The Shoremen's second varsity eight was fourth in its six-boat heat in 7:22.058. Williams won the heat in 6:48.140, Wesleyan second in 6:57.403, Massachusetts third in 7:08.389, and Tufts fifth in 7:23.123. WPI was disqualified from the race.
- The second varsity eight was then sixth in the petite final in 7:02.747. Bucknell won the race in 6:31.780, Trinity was second in 6:32.419, Boston College third in 6:38.706, and Ithaca fifth in 6:45.911,

Shoremen Boat Line-Ups
- First Varsity Eight: John Gould (coxswain), Zee Ali (stroke), Joe Stockburger (seven), Chris Eggstein (six), Ryan Miranda (five), Ian Briggs (four), Samson Ramasamy (three), Sean Haynie (two), Mark Boissonneault (bow)
- Second Varsity Eight: Alex Kincaid (coxswain), Matt Dimond (stroke), Daniel Benton (seven), T. Ian Flinn (six), John Bruno (five), Teddy Connell (four), Jeffrey Wrobel (three), Brett Van Hoven (two), Nate Bonsib (bow)

Up Next for the Shoremen
6/3-5 @ IRA National Championships (at West Windsor, N.J.)