Shoremen Novices Shine at Head of the Hooch

Shoremen Novices Shine at Head of the Hooch

Novice Eight Places Fifth of 32, Novice Four Finishes Sixth of 33

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — The Washington College men's rowing team competed at the Head of the Hooch yesterday and today on the Chattahoochee River in Chattanooga, Tenn. A fifth-place finish for the novice eight and a sixth-place finish for the novice four - both against deep fields - highlighted the weekend for the Shoremen. Both Saturday's and Sunday's races began late due to morning fog on the river. Sunday's course was also shortened from 5,000 meters to 2,100 meters due to a fast current. 

Head of the Hooch

How It Happened
- The novice eight's fifth-place time was 15:25.794. The men's college and club novice eight field was comprised of 32 crews, all but three of which were from Division I schools. The Shoremen, Embry-Riddle (sixth place in 15:32.540), and Emory (31st in 18:38.112) were the exceptions. Ohio State won the race in 14:53.681, Florida was second in 15:10.226, and Georgia Tech was third in 15:10.726. Fourth-place Clemson beat out the Shoremen by less than five seconds, finishing in 15:21.243.
- The novice four's sixth-place time was 17:18.101. The Shoremen were one of just six crews not from a Division I school in the 33-crew field of the men's college and club novice four and the fastest of those crews. Georgia Tech won the race in 16:32.177, Ohio State was second in 16:36.402, and Alabama was third in 17:01.778. 
- The Shoremen's entry in the men's college and club lightweight four placed sixth of 10 crews in 16:50.380. Embry-Riddle was first in 15:42.705, Florida second in 16:02.758, and Georgia third in 16:07.408.
- The Shoremen's entry in the championship four finished 10th of 10 crews in 16:37.337 to conclude the Shoremen's Saturday racing. Georgia Tech won the race in 15:04.778, followed by Oklahoma City University in second in 15:15.250 and Miami Beach Rowing Club in third in 15:27.085.
- On Sunday, the Shoremen had two entries in the men's open four and they finished fourth and sixth of eight crews. The Shoremen's "B" boat was fourth in 7:16.460, while the "A" boat was sixth in 7:20.982. The University of Washington won the race in 7:06.847, Florida was second in 7:11.808, and Detroit was third in 7:12.155.
- Brook Yimer was 15th of 15 competitors in the men's championship single in 8:39.224, while Karl Melchior was fifth of five competitors in the men's college and club novice single in 9:45.195.
- The Shoremen were also slated to have three entries in the men's open pair to end Sunday's racing, but the race was canceled due to changing weather and wind conditions.

Shoremen Boat Lineups (in order of competition)
College and Club Novice Eight: Jack Lee (coxswain), Sean Curry (stroke), Bennett Truitt (seven), David Pitts (six), Max Moore (five), Eric Botti (four), Henry Hawkins (three), Josh Turner (two), Ross Douglas (bow)
College and Club Lightweight Four: Alex Kincaid (coxswain), Lee Potter (stroke), Grayson Searles (three), Charles Snyder (two), Melchior (bow)
College and Club Novice Four: Lee (coxswain), Curry (stroke), Moore (three), Turner (two), Douglas (bow)
Championship Four: Kincaid (coxswain), Potter (stroke), Searles (three), Yimer (two), Curry (bow)
Championship Single: Yimer
College and Club Novice Single: Melchior
Open Four "A": Kincaid (coxswain), Evan Koch (stroke), Truitt (three), Ben Masclans (two), Hawkins (bow)
Open Four "B:: Lee (coxswain), Douglas (stroke), Pitts (three), Moore (two), Turner (bow)