Shorewomen Crews Compete at Occoquan Challenge

Shorewomen Crews Compete at Occoquan Challenge

Shorewomen Take Third and Fourth in Women's Champ and Club Four

LORTON, Va. — The Washington College women's rowing team opened its fall regatta schedule at the Occoquan Challenge in Lorton, Va., today.    

Occoquan Challenge

How It Happened
- The Shorewomen had two crews entered in the women's champ and club four and those crews finished third and fourth, respectively, in a seven-boat field. The Shorewomen's "A" boat took third in 19:02.58, while the "B" boat was fourth in 19:06.94.
- Erika Reynolds placed fourth of five entrants in the women's championship single in 11:12.23.39.
- Emma Dodsworth and MB Spargo were fourth of four crews in the women's champ double in 22:27.64.
- The Shorewomen were sixth of six crews in the women's champ and club eight in a time of 22:05.72.
- Brooklyn Horine and Annie Elliott were seventh of seven crews in the women's junior double in 20:29.93.
- The Shorewomen had the lone entry in the women's champ quad and finished in a time of 18:55.25.

- Shorewomen rowers also joined up with members of the Washington College men's rowing team to comprise the only two entrants in the mixed champ eight. The "A" boat finished first in 16:26.77, while the "B" boat, comprised of all freshmen, placed second in 16:53.22. 

Shorewomen Boat Lineups
Women's Championship Single: Reynolds
Women's Champ Double: Dodsworth (stroke), Spargo (bow)
Women's Junior Double: Horine (stroke), Elliott (bow)
Women's Champ and Club Eight: Olivia Robb (coxswain), Sophia Rooks (stroke), Emily Van Driel (seven), Julia Kuchnio (six), Amelia Bonsib (five), Lexi Hegeman (four), Skyler Hancock (three), Maura Weitz (two), Erica Ekholm (bow)
Women's Champ Quad: Robb (coxswain), Catherine Vinch-Buck (stroke), Dodsworth (three), Emma Hogan (two), Spargo (bow)
Women's Champ and Club Four "A": Robb (coxswain), Mackenzie Westfield (stroke), Horine (three), Elliott (two), Van Driel (bow)
Women's Champ and Club Four "B": Erin Jesionowski (coxswain), Rooks (stroke), Caroline Becker (three), Kitri Post (two), Eckholm (bow)
Mixed Champ Eight: Jesionowski (coxswain), Hogan, Post, Hegeman, and Kuchnio with men's rowing student-athletes Brook Yimer, Sean Curry, Max Moore, and Evan Koch
Mixed Junior Eight: Vinch-Buck Westfield, Bonsib, and Becker with men's rowing student-athletes Emily Dunsmore (coxswain), Kyle Waldhof, Adam Brown, Alex Wilsey, and Lorenzo Demolli

Up Next
10/12 @ Navy Day Regatta (Philadelphia, Pa.)