Sports Performance

Washington College Student-Athletes "Train With A Purpose"

The purpose of the Washington College sports performance program is to develop highly skilled student-athletes both on and off the field. 

This is accomplished through the implementation of highly structured and progressive training sessions. Each session is designed to improve sport specific strength, power, speed, agility, conditioning, flexibility, and functionality.  Emphasis will also be given to proper nutrition. By focusing on these key aspects the strength and condition program will provide improved athleticism while minimizing non contact sport related injuries.   

Training Guidelines-

1. Progression

To increase the big three- stability, strength and power. Programs are divided into training phases to ensure safe and proper progression between phases.

2. Sports Specificity

Training programs are tailored to meet the specific demands of each individual sport program and athlete.

3. Injury Prevention

Due to lack of strength and joint instability, certain areas of the body are susceptible to injury (i.e. ankle, knee, rotator cuff, and lumbar spine). In order to focus on these weaknesses, the strength and conditioning staff will educate athletes on proper lifting mechanics, thus aiding in the prevention of sport specific injuries. Over-used muscle groups will be actively stretched and foam rolled to increase range of motion and help stimulate recovery.

4. Nutrition

To maintain high levels of performance, healthy diet and proper nutrient timing is essential. Following an appropriate sports performance diet will keep you performing at your best while promoting a quick recovery. 

The Staff

Jonnie Jenkins - Assistant to the Athletic Director for Sports Performance Program & Campus Recreation
John Weston - Assistant Sports Performance Coach
Clare Ingersoll - Assistant Sports Performance Coach